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BRAZIL: Order and Progress

Ross Rogers, Jr. asks: "What does it say on the flag of Brasil?: ORDEM e PROGRESSO". RH Indeed, it does. Brazil is an interesting case, studied by WAISer Roderick Barman. Unlike the Spanish American countries, Brazil enjoyed peace under an empire, a peace which was lost in 1889 when an army coup led by Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca overthrew the empire, even though he simply wanted a cabinet change. A republican constitution was adopted in 1891, and Fonseca became president. Another armed forces revolt forced him to resign in favor of Vice-President Floriano Peixoto, Since then Brazil has struggled to find stability. Whether it has found it under Lula da Silva remains to be seen.

The republic was proclaimed by Brazilian disciples of Auguste Comte, the founder of positivism, who proclaimed the principle "Order and progress, and above all else love". They put "Order snd Progress" on the new flag, and exalted love in the new national anthem, which is probably the most humane national anthem in the world On the flag's green field symbolizing the natural abundance of Brazil, there is a large yellow diamond symbolizing the country's mineral wealth. In the middle is a blue globe, blue being in Brazil the color of happy order. On it is them Southern Cross constellation, crossed by a white band with the words "Order and progress". The flag thus symbolizes the happy order to which Brazil has long aspired.

Ronald Hilton - 4/27/03