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China is the Future

China's potting a man in space inspired Cameron Sawyer to write from Moscow: "More evidence that China is the future":

It is somewhat ironic that China does not even manufacture its own jet airliners (a regional jet called the ARJ21 is under development) but never mind. The handwriting is on the wall. China’s average economic growth rate is close to the country's official target of 7.3%, which is about what it takes to double every ten years. At this rate, China's economy will surpass Japan's in about 2020, and the U.S. will not be far behind. We should teach our children and grandchildren Chinese".

This has wide implications. China is an authoritarian regime with a liberal economy. Nations of the world are copycats. If they see that the Chinese model works, many will imitate it. Many businessmen prefer an authoritarian regime since they know precisely with whom they are dealing, whereas in a democracy all kinds of obstacles appear. The present mess in Bolivia makes on wonder if a parliamentary democracy is the best model for it. It is not impossible that much of Latin America will adopt the Chinese model.

Ronald Hilton - 10.25.03