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CHINA: References

Paul Simon writes: "Chinese textbooks (in the Mainland) are mum about the current DPRK famine or the massive Chinese famine during the Great leap Forward of the late 50's and early 60's. Anyone interested in reading about the environmental harm done to China then might enjoy Mao's War Against Nature by Judith Shapiro, which is out in paperback. I met Ms. Shapiro in Shenyang about a year and a half ago; she really knows her stuff and knows China. Anyone interested in the massive undocumented famine (over 30 million perished in China in the lates 50's-early 60's) would be enthralled/horrified by Jasper Becker's Hungry Ghosts; he has a chapter at the end about the DPRK famine."

My questions: What do Taiwan textbooks say about this? May they be imported into mainland China? Would translations of the books you name be permitted?

Ronald Hilton - 12/20/01