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The desertification of China

The National Geographic magazine does pay attention to desertification. I went to the online index to National Geographic Society publications:

The latest issue has an article precisely on the desertification of China!
Jan. 2002, pp. 48-75: "Alashan: China's Unknown Gobi", by Webster, Donovan (Author), Steinmetz, George (Photographer). Subject: Desertification. Institute of Desert Research, Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China Ganzu is south of Mongolia. Its capital, Lanzhou, is in its southeast corner, which is outside the desert area. Look at the map of China. Beijing is in the northeast corner of China´s populated area. Nanking, the old capital now called Nanjing, is closer to the center of population and also to the great trading center, Shanghai. Can Paul tell us if there is any talk of moving the capital back there?

Ronald Hilton - 1/30/02