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CHINA and Pre-emptive action

The Pentagon published a report warning that China was planning a pre-emptive strike against Taiwan. I commented: "Suppose the Chinese Defense Department published a report saying that the US planned a pre-emptive strike against Iran?" Cameron Sawyer says "Our behavior in Iraq has surely encouraged and emboldened the Chinese as to the acceptability of aggressive, preemptive military action. What kind of example did we set? That was a question we should have, but apparently did not ask in any serious way, when we were considering launching the war in Iraq. Military power flows directly from economic power, and in the long term, at least, is directly proportionate. The Soviet Union possessed, for some decades, military power disproportionate to its economic power, but at the cost of ultimate bankruptcy. It is only a matter of time before China surpasses us in economic power (they have five times our population, so their GNP per capital need only reach one-fifth of ours in order to achieve this). The rules of the game we are establishing now will surely come back to haunt us, and pretty soon at that".

Ronald Hilton - 8/6/03