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CHINA and Taiwan

The Pentagon charged that the Chinese military were menacing Taiwan. China, boosting military spending and deploying growing numbers of ballistic missiles, is pursuing a strategy for a possible conflict in the Taiwan Strait aimed at bringing Taiwan to its knees before the US has a chance to intervene, the Pentagon said.The annual Defense Department report on Chinese military power said that China is preparing for war over Taiwan, which it sees as a renegade province. China is preparing a pre-emptive invasion emphasizing "surprise, deception and shock" and making or buying "assassin's mace" weapons systems intended to impede the intervention of US forces, the report said. Examples include the development of a short-range ballistic missile that could reach Okinawa in southern Japan, where US Marines are based. China has acquired from Russia two Sovremenny-class guided missile destroyers, with two more on the way, that could pose a threat to US aircraft carriers, the report said. (Reuters 7/14/03).

RH: Do other countries publish similar unclassified reports on US military intntions? Suppose the Chinese Defense department published a report saying that the US planned a pre-emptive strike against Iran.

Ronald Hilton - 8/6/03