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China and water

Paul Simon says: "I wish I had the rosy view of China's water projects that you do, Ronald! I don't know anyone in the know who thinks the Three Gorges Dam is anything but one of earth's great man-made debacles-in-the-making. Many provinces of China, yes WHOLE provinces, have gone from forests and grasslands to desert over the centuries. This unenviable record has accelerated geometrically since the Revolution. The South-North transfer projects must also be viewed in the light of the opportunities they provide for megagraft. Maybe in 20 years, when the debacle has completely unfolded, if I am still around folks will come up to me and say, in T.S. Elliot fashion, "I congratulate you on your perspicacity." I will sigh and say "I wish I could say I was surprised""

My reply: We shall see.

Ronald Hilton - 8/29/02