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CHINA: Anti-Americanism in China

Paul Simon has sent me a very long article, written by a Chinese, on the people's negative toward the US. It is very timely because President George W. Bush is about to arrive in Beijing. The following passage relates to the postings on foreign students in the US:

"Negative perceptions of the United States are widely held not just by Chinese who depend on the Chinese government for news, but even by the more "Americanized" Chinese who have been exposed to American corporate training, media sources, education, and other aspects of the American way of life. In spite of having seen American influences up close and personally, many of China's English-speaking, ambitious, sophisticated, young urban professionals, entrepreneurs, and college students nevertheless find the U.S. government and U.S. rhetoric repulsive.

Chinese students in the United States mouth their government's rhetoric even when they are not exposed to its media. China's exiled dissidents in the United States are often confronted with hostility from such students, who question the dissidents' patriotism and attack their character, all because they have challenged the authority of the Chinese communist regime. Xiao Qiang, the Executive Director of the New York-based Human Rights in China, reports that his efforts to hold China accountable for its repression have been branded at various times by overseas Chinese students as "harmful" to the Chinese people and "disloyal" to the Chinese nation"

Ronald Hilton - 2/19/02