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The Arrow War

     I should have let sleeping wars lie. It turns out that the Arrow War was what we all know as the Second Opium War. Molly Molloy quotes from the DICTIONARY OF WARS by George C. Kohn (1986):

     Arrow War AKA Second Opium War, 1856-69.
     By 1856, the British wanted more concessions from the Chinese and teamed up with the French to send an expedition against China. After Chinese officials seized the Arrow, a Chinese-owned ship registered in Hong Kong flying the British flag and engaged in illegal opium trade, an Anglo-French force attacked and occupied Canton in late 1857. ... [ended with] four new treaties, which opened more ports to foreign trade....gave British, French, Russian and American diplomats the right to live in Peking, and established the principle of extraterritoriality whereby foreigners had extensive rights in their spheres of influence on China's coast ...

Ronald Hilton - 2/29/00