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CHINA: The bugging of Jiang's plane

An article in the Washington Times (2/15/02) attributes the bugging of Jiang's plane to a political rival:

"Chinese President Jiang Zemin believes fellow Politburo member Li Peng is behind the planting of electronic listening devices aboard the president's new U.S. jetliner, according to a classified State Department intelligence report. Mr. Jiang is said by U.S. intelligence officials to be convinced that Mr. Li ordered the aircraft bugging to listen in on the Chinese president's discussions of financial corruption related to Mr. Li's wife and children. The assessment of China's discovery of 27 electronic eavesdropping devices inside a new Boeing 767 jetliner helps explain why Beijing has had a muted reaction to the incident, which Beijing initially blamed on U.S. intelligence, the officials said".

My comment: This still does not make sense. The Texas contractor would be very stupid to do this without the approval of US intelligence, which certainly was following the operation very carefully. One wonders if the US government did not put this story out to divert attention. Who knows?

Ronald Hilton - 2/21/02