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China: The Cox Report

     Insight runs a series of well-documented articles, many of them aimed at discrediting the Clinton administration. It was therefore a surprise when it ran (8/9) an article "Check your facts: Cox Report bombs" by Sam Cohen, damning the report by the Cox committee, which blamed the Clinton administration for leaks of information about the W-87 warhead to China.
     I waited for Insight to drop the other shoe. It did (8/23). An article by Cox committee member Representative Curt Weldon, "It was O'Leary!" blaming the former Secretary of Energy, Hazel O'Leary, was illustrated with a secretary of her holding high a glass of wine and smirking "as she raises her glass to toast her friends in Beijing." Weldon dismisses Cohen as "the self-described 'father of the neutron bomb' ". This implies that he was not. Can Michael May or some other WAISer tell me if in fact Cohen did invent the neutron bomb?
     In any case, this exchange of accusations on a highly technical subject bewilders even reasonably well-informed citizens. The Chinese government has denounced the Cox report. I suspect that people will take sides on the basis of their liking for or dislike of Clinton. Is democracy possible?

Ronald Hilton - 09/02/99