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The Cox Report

     One posting expressed surprise that Insight, which devotes its best efforts to discrediting President Clinton, would have published (8/9) an article by Sam Cohen attacking the Cox Report. We correctly anticipated a retort (8/21) by Republican Representative Curt Weldon, a member of the Cox committee. Now (8/30) "Cohen fires back" expresses his resentment at being dismissed as "the self-described ... father of the neutron bomb." He says that Weldon is mixed up about the weapon involved and he repeats his charge that in 1995 then Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary had leaked classified information to U.S. News and World Report. Cohen laments "the committee´s appalling ignorance of what a neutron bomb is." Our comment is that, if the committee is ignorant, how can even intelligent non-specialist citizens follow these matters?

Ronald Hilton - 09/19/99