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A New Red Menace?

China! Friend or foe? Depends largely on whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. When the former spoke of a new partnership with China, the latter seized on the dangerous P word. As Clinton prepared to fly to China with a cohort of over 1,000, the argument intensified, especially over missile technology transfer to China. A congressional hearing was called to see if a select committee should be established to monitor it. Former CIS director James Woolsey made an excellent presentation, and he was supported by former national security adviser Riochard Allen. The chairman of the meeting, Republican Representative Gerald Solomon of New York, suggested a new cold war was beginning with China. He was supported by Republican Porter Goss of Florida, chairman of the intelligence committee. The Democratic members of the committee were uneasy at the suggestion that their party had been bribed by a potential enemy. Curiously, it was the Republicans who disagreed with the old principle that America's business is business.

Listening to the proceedings, I remember a talk I gave at the height of the Cold War to a Silicon Valley audience. I described Soviet plans around the world, but the Silicon Valley executives were unhappy because I seemed to be questioning their deals with the Soviet bloc. How many Silicon Valley executives are accompanying Clinton to China?