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Inter-racial marriages in Asia. Chinese culture in the Philippines

Bienvenido Macario has this question for Paul Simon: " In the Philippines it is still taboo to marry outside one's race. And, perhaps because of the long standing feud with Japan, it is rare to see a Japanese-Chinese couple. I have met so many Filipinos and Filipinas who lived with Chinese lovers but were forbidden to marry. In the end they almost always part ways. What is the situation in China?"

My comment: Or Indonesia. It is often not only a racial but a religious problem. The problem existed in this country until World War II, but now there are many successful Jewish-Christian marriages, and even inter-racial marriages. In addition to the United Nations and the proposed United Religions, there should be a United Marriages. Kofi Annan, with his Swedish wife, would be a model and an excellent secretary-general.

Ronald Hilton - 2/7/02