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Interracial marriages in China

Paul Simon replies to the question about interracial marriages in Chine: "I'd never purport to speak for all 1.3 billion citizens of China, especially since hundreds of millions of them are not Hanzu (ethnic Chinese). China has millions of Koreans, Uighurs, Kazaks, Tibetans, Miao, Yi, Xiang, Thais, Burmese, Vietnamese, Manchu, Mongols, etc. While most marry within their ethnic groups, cross-marriage is far from unknown. As for marriage with Caucasians, I'd say that over half of the Caucasian expatriates I have met here (and that's thousands) have Chinese brides. The traditional Chinese stereotype is that children of mixed blood (hunxue) are smarter and more talented! Of course, China is the "Middle Kingdom", and the traditional thinking here has been that the Chinese are superior to other "races". Comment: what ethnic group DOESN'T think this of itself? MY Chinese friends have often told me that the only other group they admire as much as themselves and consider their equals are Jews! So, it might be fair to say that you'll see some stereotypes turned on their heads if you come to China".

My comment: It has been said that the luckiest man is one who has a Japanese wife, a French mistress, a Chinese cook and...(I forget the rest)--a truly interracial household. Paul has told us nothing about the Chinese Jews, of whom there is an ancient colony. An American Jew went to China to find it, and was disappointed to see a lot of typical Chinese. He went up to one of its leaders and told him he was a Jew who had come all the way to meet them. The Chinese Jew peered at him and said "You don't look Jewish to me". Interracial marriage at work!

Ronald Hilton - 2/8/02