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More on the Perry-Lewis Team

     The Insight attack on Professors William Perry and John Lewis has naturally evinced expressions of support for these two distinguished men. Hoover computer expert Dan Wilhelmi writes:
     William Perry also co-founded a Sunnyvale-based company called ESL that provided hi-tech engineering systems to the U.S. Defense Department and several intelligence agencies, employed thousands, and was later bought out by TRW. I know this because ESL was my summertime employer while I was working my way through Stanford in the mid-80's.
     Mr. Perry is a man of many talents. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with on the North Korean situation....
     My comment: In view of the naval clashes between the two Koreas, John Lewis, a navy expert, could also provide useful counsel.

Ronald Hilton - 06/15/99

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