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Port Arthur

     WAISers should pay attention to place names and their curious history. David Pike wondered how Port Arthur in China got its name: Molly Molloy of Hoover found the answer in MERSH (Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History):
     Known in Chinese as Lushun and in Japanese as Ryojan.... In August, 1860, during the Arrow War, an English gunboat captain, Lt. William C. Arthur, towed a crippled frigate into Lushun Harbor, at that time an insignificant fishing village. Dubbed Port Arthur by the westerners, Lushun's strategic importance remained unnoticed until 1880.... By 1894 Port Arthur's fortress complex consisted of 22 forts... [it] should have been called Fort Arthur! v.29, p.77

     My comment: Too many wars! I must look up the Arrow War. Curious that Port Arthur was so known during the RUSSIAN period (1898-1905).

Ronald Hilton - 2/29/00