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China raises defense budget

Most WAISers are concerned about a possible arms race. Marga Jann asks:"Arms race or race to Armageddon?" General Sullivan has a different viewpoint: " I believe China is going to build up its Navy so they can give the impression they can project power in their areas of influence. They have purchased an unfinished, hull only, Russian aircraft carrier and it has already been towed to China. If they can use and develop this technology it would be a definite force multiplier. They'll need to get the catapults and arresting gear working and design aircraft that are carrier suitable. A tall order!!! However, a China with a few aircraft carriers would cause the US great concern." I am incapable of commenting on the technicalities. However, history tells us that fleet operations are very tricky. The Spanish Grand Armada seemed invincible, but...

Ronald Hilton - 3/8/02