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CHINA: References

Paul Simon performs an invaluable service by calling our attention to significant articles about China. Although an animal lover, he has seen human suffering on a scale most WAISers can scarcely imagine. He has devoted many years of his life to human rights issues and the DPRK famine, in comparison with which the problem of rodeo calves is significantly less important: "See Jasper Becker's superb article in the South China Morning Post 3 days ago: "Lies that cost untold lives" about the 2.5 million who DIED of famine in the DPRK." Perhaps Paul can tell us what Chinese history textbooks say about that!

Paul continues: "Those who "read my stuff" know that I like to list my sources, so that I don't get fried later for something I cited being erroneously taken as my dumb opinion, or, worse yet, US Government position. For anyone who was interested in my recent assertions about intellectual piracy in Mainland China: Read Mark O'Neill's funny article in the 12/17 South China Morning post, "Fakes Alive, Never Mind the WTO". Some pithy quotes:-
"When China joined the global trade body, members hoped it meant a crackdown on piracy. But Mark O'Neill finds illegal CDs and fashion goods galore on Beijing's streets" "In the front room is an array of music and film CDs, computer software, and anti-virus disks, with an average price of ten yuan (USD $1.25--PS), all of it pirated"
" are surrounded by sellers of CDs, including the new Harry Potter film, which has not legitimately appeared in Hong Kong, let alone China." As Inspector Renault would have said, "I'm shocked, shocked...."

Ronald Hilton - 12/20/01