China and Japan as Military Powers

Cameron Sawyer spoke of China as a rising military power. Christopher Jones comments: "Cameron is right of course, but it is almost politically incorrect to say so. By defining military power as a projection of economic prowess, the entire First World War takes on a different light. More than often, some brand Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II as a warmonger because he pushed for the construction of the High Seas Fleet. In fact, it was a logical consequence of the expansion of the Germany economy under the Kaiserreich and in particular of the "Farben" or chemical industries that relied on imported nitrates from Chile (among other places). To safeguard this flow, the Hochseeflotte became a necessity, not the whim of a warmonger. In order to deny Germany its place in the sun and stop its economic juggernaut, the British government including the Germany hater Winston Churchill has a great responsibility for the conflict. WWI was about economics nothing else. Today, the one country that needs to safeguard the flow of commerce to and from its shores is Japanm, and it is the only country with the financial clout to truly re-arm. I don't know if the Chinese could construct a sophiscated aircraft carrier and project Chinese military might to the Arabian Sea. Another point is that China would come into direct conflict with Japan if it were to do so. I know for a fact that the Japanese have had plans for a naval revival on the boards for years and they are constantly updated. I can even say that MHI would construct the ships".

RH: "WWI was about economics nothing else"??. Sarajevo was not about economics, nor was the concern about security which led to the opposing alliances and the fragile balance of power.

Ronald Hilton -