China as a military power?

Istvan Simon writes:The US Navy's show of force reported by Chalmers Johnson in the Los Angeles Times may be due to increasingly strident threats coming from China regarding military action if Taiwan declares independence. Perhaps the size of the task force is excessive, something that may be the subject of honest debate, but it certainly will not provoke war as Mr. Johnson fears. Quite to the contrary, it will ensure  peace. I earnestly hope that Taiwan will be patient and will stop short of declaring independence from China, but I think that in the event that it does declare independence, the massive naval forces that Mr. Johnson talks about will ensure that China does not try to take over Taiwan by force. If China attempts to do so, the same US naval forces will ensure that it will not succeed. I am optimistic that the voices of sanity will prevail on all sides and that peace will be preserved.

RH: "Certainly will not provoke war?" Chalmers Johnson is a world authority on East Asia, so I would ot dismiss his fears so confidently. "Optimistic·"? Nations wage war optimistically, but soon lose that optimism.

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