Wal-Mart in China

From Nanning, China, Istvan Simon reports: I wish that Wal-Mart would pay more benefits to its workers in the United States, which would translate into higher prices in it's stores there. But there is no question that Wal-Mart is a great success story world-wide. In particular, Wal-Mart opened a mega-store in Nanning, China. It is much larger than most Wal-Marts that I know in the United States. It is  also a huge success.  On any given day, at any time of the day, that I have yet visited the Nannig Wal-Mart, it is always packed with shoppers. Just yesterday, I wondered in amazement, as I looked onto a packed escalator leading to its second floor entrance to its grocery section. It was packed with people, 3-4 abreast on each step, like people entering a large sports event in some stadium. Absolutely amazing.

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