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DEMOCRACY: Re; Democratic Process

John Heelan says: "I agree with Cameron- perfection in democracy is a chimera. My protest is that Americans in general, and Bush in particular), boasts about American "democracy" (quotes intended) whereas in practice it seems to be a plutocracy.

As a mental exercise, I suggest that WAISers imagine the candidates for the next Presidential election being constrained to a budget of $100,000 and politically biased TV networks and media being forced to portray truthfully both the Republican and Democratic (and other) arguments supporting their respective political platforms. Of course, that will not happen; Bush will raise some $200 million dollars to fight his cause, and build up political debts that he will have to repay if elected (as has happened in this term) and "FOX TV" and its clones will allow denigration of those with political views opposed to those of their owners.

I further agree with Cameron (and the equally guilty UK) should improve their democratic processes. In the case of the UK, it should be a return to Parliament being the supreme authority on policy-making without that authority being deformed by allowing MPs to vote as their conscience dictates and not compelling them to vote as the Government dictates".

On the last point, parliamentary practice allows a free vote on such matters as fox hunting, but demands party discipline when it comes to matters of basic policies. The MPs do not always obey. It would be interesting to compare the role of whips in parliament and Congress. Who first used that nasty word?

Ronald Hilton - 09.05.03