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DEMOCRACY: Re; Democratic Process

Christopher Jones says: "Dear John and Cameron, such bright, starry-eyed boys, filled with good intentions and arguing about "democracy!" Chuckle!

There is only one constant in human existence: raw power and money (the perfect instrument for exercising power.)
I have bad news for my two fellow Bursche: the world is an evil place.

"Democracy" is a clever PR ploy invented by some adman to placate the proletariat. Such lofty ideals about parliaments or presidents representing the people are dead; just like God. Now who said that?"

Raw power and money? Christopher must be thinking about California's Terminator. However,he is an oddity. While all politicians seek power, there is a long time of those who do so for noble purposes. I will mention just the noblest of all: Gladstone. What does Christopher say about America's Founding Fathers?

Ronald Hilton - 09.05.03