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Democracy, Lies, Deceit and Coercive Diplomacy

Raśl Escalante of Mexico says: "Paul bet both right, and wrong. I was raised in a diplomatic household (a professional diplomatic household) and grew up admiring tactical games of terminological inexactitude, creative editing of the truth, etc. Thus I understand they are necessary tools of the trade. Personally, I am terrible at being terminologically inexact, which makes me too stiff to be a good diplomat, politician, spook, etc. Nevertheless, I very seriously considered diplomacy as a career. My great-grandmother was an American diplomat, as is my father. Who knows... maybe one day I'll improve my acting.

I've been fascinated by Paul's accounts of the US foreign service (understaffed, but not nearly as badly as the Mexican). I wonder if US career diplomats have to contend with unprofessional political appointees as often as Mexican diplomats do (over here it's an elegant form of exile), or if they have means to get around stupidity (I'll check if I can share the stories, although I doubt it)".

Ronald Hilton - 2/2/02