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The Future of Democracy

     Many WAISers have written expressing their concern about the future of democracy. Miles Seeley says:
     There is always good cause to worry in a democracy. Our forefathers worried, and we do too. Extremists are frightening and often temporarily successful. It almost takes a leap of faith to believe in the inherent wisdom, eventually, of the voting public....but I confess that, in the end, I do. I find more of the sensible, almost stolid, fairly conservative people here in the midwest than I have found on either coast (the Kansas School Board notwithstanding...and wait until you see how local school districts react to that ruling).
     My comment: The Midwest is the solid heart of America. Democracy is the product of a long development, and the idea that large masses of immigrants, albeit waving the American flag, will quickly adjust to it, is overly optimistic.

Ronald Hilton - 08/30/99