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The Search for a Just Society

     Diana Hull defends capitalism:
     A huge number of the 4-5 billion people who live in poor countries seem bent on moving to the US, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand and they obviously do that because they want a better standard of living--- the kind that capitalism provides. The poorest person under capitalism is much better off than the poor in the third world. Television, refrigerators, microwaves and clean water are commonplace in the houses of people accepting government aid in the US.
     "Capitalism is Theft" sounds like the "Rent is Theft, " a slogan regularly nailed to the utility poles by leftists in the Houston Barrio--by folks getting their rent paid under the government Section 8 program. HUD also subsidizes no-down payment loans for people who have recently arrived in the United States.
     In the UK, the capitalist government provides furnished apartments, food and allowances to tens of thousands of refugees. What socialist government has ever done that? Is there any alternative to either capitalism or socialism? If there is, I'd like to hear about it.
     I do agree that it's absurd for ball players and CEO's to earn eight million a year. But we could stop watching basketball on TV and organize stockholders to object to overpayment of executives. Capitalism is about opportunity and upward mobility for talented hardworking people, no matter the station in life of their parents. If all the money and advantages in the world could be equally distributed to everyone in the world today, In perhaps fifty years the rich and the poor would be with us again. Even though it has become a political cliche, capitalism has to do with a opportunity, but it does not assure equal outcomes.

     My comment: Very true, but could we persuade the public to stop watching ball players or get shareholders to object to overpayment of executives? The situation is bad enough in Europe, but much worse in the United States. Why? It culture, laws, taxation patterns? One problem is the abuse of money in the American political system. Worse still, the basic problem is human nature, and is therefore enormously difficult.

Ronald Hilton - 3/17/00