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EGYPT: Who built the Pyramids?

I was bewildered by messages I received about the Jews and the Pyramids, and I wrote: "When I wrote "Black Jews?" I was referring to the argument as to whether the slaves who actually built the Pyramids were black Jews". We must thank Ed Jajko for setting the record straight, and we vow never to fall for this duck again (I suppose "canard" refers to ducks' habit of quacking mindlessly). Ed writes:

"This bit of accepted wisdom, that "...the Pyramids [were] built by slaves who were Jews.." (as stated in your message of 1 September), is a canard that does not deserve repetition. First, it is anachronistic and illogical. The "Pyramids" -- presumably the three great pyramids of Gizah and perhaps the earlier pyramids to the south, including the Step Pyramid of Sakkara -- were built in the Third and Fourth Dynasties, 2650-2575 BC and 2575-2467 BC. The Jews did not exist at that time. The ancestors of the Jews, the Hebrews or "Children of Israel" -- Bene Yisra'el -- did not enter Egypt until centuries later. If one looks at the biblical narrative, Joseph, son of Jacob aka Israel, who brought the people of Israel into Egypt to settle in the land of Goshen, was driven in a chariot just behind Pharaoh's. The Egyptians did not have the wheel when the great pyramids were built. By the time the Egyptians had wheels, and horses and chariots, the great pyramids were ancient. Even if one were to determine that the migration of the Sumerian/Chaldean Abraham from the Sumerian city of Ur to the land of the Canaanites took place around the predynastic or early dynastic periods of ancient Egypt, there would still have been no Jews in Egypt at the time -- or anywhere else for that matter. Second, recent scholarship on ancient Egypt has suggested -- concluded, perhaps -- that the pyramids were built by corvees of native Egyptians and undoubtedly of slaves as well, conscripted into temporary service on the pyramids, probably during the flood season when their labor on the farm could be spared. Those who were not actually slaves through warfare or other reasons were subjects of Pharaoh who were made to give their time and effort to a great national cause. Managing these labor gangs were professional craftsmen whose villages near the pyramids have been under excavation and study".

Ronald Hilton - 9/6/01