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FEMINISM: Penis Envy

Daryl DeBell, a psychiatrist, has this enlightening comment:

"Just a graphic example of the perseveration of childhood penis envy into adulthood. The fact that such envy is pointless and irrelevant doesn't keep it from being real. (It also doesn't make any the less real the historical (and current) domination of women by men, or reduce the legitimate resentment of it by females."

My comment: I said enlightening because it explains an incident in the childhood in England. A little boy stood in the window of his house and exposed himself to a girl who was going by. She went home and told her parents, who informed the police. The little boy was sentenced to a term in Borstal, a home for seriously delinquent children. His career may have been ruined, and I have long thought this was terribly unjust. Now I realize the little girl was envious. Incidentally, Margaret McKenzie, an anthropologist, says these devices have been in use for some years by women campers. News to me, but they certainly were not the elegant, well-packaged items now being bought by fashionable women.

Ronald Hilton - 9/19/00