GERMANY: Landsberg and the execution of Nazi war criminals

Istvan Simon writes: John Heelan expressed a desire to get an apology from me, saying he simply stated facts without expressing an opinion, in response  to a question by Randy Black, when he had brought up the execution of German war criminals at Landsberg prison.   If that WAS  his intention, I apologize to Mr. Heelan.

John Heelan replies: Thank you for your apology, Istvan.  For clarification. let me reassure you that it truly was my intention, in the discussion about Guantánamo tribunals, to provide data answering Randy's challenge to submit evidence  on  US military tribunals awarding the death penalty.   I fully agree the Germans executed were war criminals and deserved what they got (perhaps the perpetrators of the My Lai massacre also ought to have met the same fate?)

Even further, I rarely agree with Christopher Jones' politics, which tend too much to right wing fascist ideas rather than the centre-of the-road politics I prefer. However, Chris is a multilingual researcher and translator (four languages) and an expert on Germany, the Falange of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, Carlism and Dalí- so we should respect his knowledge of facts although we do not agree with his conclusions sometimes.   [He and I have private email battles-royal on arcane matters concerning the Spanish Civil War!.]

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last updated: November 22, 2004