GERMANY: Neo-Nazis, anti-immigrant politicians gain in German elections

Cameron Sawyer writes:The NDP denies being "Neo-Nazi", and I couldn't find anything antisemitic on its website (   Its program ( is basically nationalistic, anti-immigration, anti-globalist, anti-EU, and anti-American.   Its program demands the return of Germany's lost territories.    Protection of the ecology is prominent ("Nature is the General Basis of Life", point 12), as is protection of the German language ("Germany Must Become German Again", point 8).    The program hints at socialism after the style of the old Nazi program was -- "Social Policy as National Solidarity", point 7, and "The Economy Must Serve the People", point 4. 
However, there is nothing openly fascist in any of the NDP materials I found, and no cult of anyone's personality.  So maybe they're not actually fascists.  On the other hand, if they said anything openly fascist, they would be shut down by Germany's tough anti-Nazi laws.  The NDP program ought to strike some chords among those Germans who don't like the gradual loss of German sovereignty to the EU (I wouldn't like that a bit myself if I were German), who don't like multiculturalism, and who don't like globalism.  I wouldn't be surprised if it grows in influence.  I wonder what Chris Jones thinks about it.

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