Paying for re-unification

Randy Black wrote: "I have a question for Christopher Jones: Are West Germans still paying a tax surcharge for taking in the East Germans after the collapse of the USSR? As I recall, West Germans had to absorb a huge tax surcharge after the wall fell to accommodate the terrifically high level of unemployment, poor business practices, bankrupt factories and so forth that they inherited from the Soviet Union". Christopher replies: " Yes, the West Germans are still paying the "Soli" or Solidaitaetszuschlag as a financing for the reunification. Randy Black correctly points out that the East German economy, directed towards the old COMECON, had to be integrated into the German economy, with very little success if you judge by the numbers".

Christopher Jones writes: "Harry Papasotiriou may not know that peace in the Middle East and the long term viability of the state of Israel are top priority in Germany and as a matter of fact in Europe. The financial problems of the EU pale if Germany and France's Moslem populations (8 million in total) were to start terror activities inside the union. Therefore, considering that Germany is a major weapons supplier to Israel,(Germany supplied dolphin class subs to the Israel Navy), it is vital that German politicians start unequivocally denouncing Israeli terror tactics, assassinations, wall building and so forth and promote a peaceful Palestinian state on the West Bank and in Gaza. I have noticed for some time now how Harry Papasotiriou's remarks about anti-semitism or Holocaust denial are always linked to denunciations of Sharon terror. It is the language of the ultra conservative and highly unpopular Zentralrat der Juden in Germany. Although he did not mention it by name, even Horst Köhler remarked yesterday that Germany is still too mired in its past and all Germans should be proud of their Vaterland".


Ronald Hilton -