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GERMANY: Denmark and the Nazis

Continuing the question of Denmark's role in World War II, Danish-Norwegian Dwight Peterson says "I am very appreciative of David Pike's comments. Especially since I have read his book, Latin America in Nixon's Second Term, I have appreciated his investigative mind and his diligent search for the true facts before stating them as such. The theory that Denmark's terrain would not render a possible resistance to a German attack makes all the sense in the world. However, the Danes' sense of social responsibility would explain their concern for the Jews and other ethnic minorities which might have been at risk at the time and maybe that is what my relatives were talking about when they said they hid people and things in the attic. The other half of me is Norwegian, so David has covered all the bases".

RH: Dwight's father will be 102 in May, setting a good example for all WAISers. Happy birthday!

Ronald Hilton - 1/12/03