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GERMANY: Strafing civilians

Elias Castillo replies to Christopher Jones: "What was the town in France that was destroyed and all its inhabitants massacred by the Wehrmacht? Also, as long as we're talking about children, how many children did the Nazis kill in Buchenwald, Auschwitz or Treblinka? And, how many children did the French collaborators turn over to the Nazi's for extermination? Allied fighter pilots in WWII did not know the cargo of Nazi trains. Their mission was to destroy all means of transportation throughout Germany, completely paralyze it so that no war goods could be transported in any type of train, freight or passenger (which were also carrying troops). Thus, any train moving was fair game. The stupidity of the Germans was that they loaded children on a train at a time when they knew all trains were being attacked by Allied fighters".

RH: The name of the French town was Oradour.

Ronald Hilton - 2/6/03