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GERMANY: The Second Reich

From Germany, Christopher Jones write that the Second Reich made Germany"a prosperous superpower (steel production surpassed that of the US) which gave the world many scientific advances. Under Wilhelm II, it was a peaceful country, that only desired respect for its place in the sun. (Don't forget to compare it to its contemporaries!) I was astounded when I heard that Wilhelm sent over ten wires to Nicholas II of Russia, attempting to persuade him to avoid going to war over the Serbo-Austrian dispute following the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Nostalgia is more difficult to quantify, but it's there. Under the Kaiserreich, German values were admired around the world. Today, Germany is known for thousands of naked youngsters dancing in the "Love Parade." It has become a laughing stock in Europe and sadly, the land of "dichter und denker," is the sick man of Europe.

Heinrich Mann! Oh please! Not the "Blue Angel" again!! This sick person's family was as Kaiserfreundlich as they come".

RH: I am afraid that the West will collapse under the weight of its nonsense, and the Love Parade is a sign of "Der Untergang des Abendlandes".

Ronald Hilton - 1/22/03