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GERMANY: The Second Reich

Christopher Jones says; "With all respect due Christian Leitz, his refusal to recognize his own country's greatness is exactly what I call German neurosis. Germany has a lot to be proud of. I always ask myself why Germans are only proud of the Social Democrats? It was the SPD that grossly miscalculated and gave us the Nazis in 1933. Although Wilhelm's Germany was far from perfect, it was a bulwark for Christian values. I think George W. Bush would have much preferred to deal with Kaiser Wilhelm rather than the present Social Democratic/Green government in power".

RH: How did the SDP grossly miscalculate? The Kaiserreich was more Christian than modern Germany, indeed it was a land of great theologians, but the attacks on Denmark and Austria, and tricking the French into proclaiming a war which ended in their utter humiliation can scarcely be described as Christian. Many cathedrals were "garnisonkirchen",i.e. military churches, which were meant to ensure "Gott mit uns". Gott let the Germans down.

Ronald Hilton - 1/30/03