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GERMANY: The Second Reich

Philip Terzian says: "I can understand a socialist like Professor Leitz being sensitive about the horrors left-wing ideology has inflicted on Central and Eastern Europe during the past century -- and I think Christopher Jones is much closer to the truth about Wilhelm II than any loyal supporter of the SPD -- but where is the evidence of "right-wing" historians at the Institute for Historical Research? Professors Leitz and Levin seem to associate anti-Semitism with right-wing politics, a prejudice that would astonish any number of Republicans in this country. (PS Germans such as Professor Leitz should be very, very careful about snide comments about the "weakness" of American presidents for authoritarian leaders.)"

RH: In Latin America until Roosevelt this "weakness" was apparent. Even Roosevelt tolerated Somoza because "he may be an s.o.b., but he's our s.o.b." One explanation for this "weakness" was that American business found it easier to deal with authoritarian leaders than with democratic ones, under whom business deals got mired in politics. We should watch Brazil carefully. Lula da Silva was elected democratically. We will find out if the US can deal with him. Some doubt it.

Ronald Hilton - 1/31/03