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GERMANY: The Second Reich

German historian Christian Leitz writes: "I am getting ever more upset about Christopher Jones' misrepresentations of German history. Wilhelm II was a man who, after the war, said that Jews should have been gassed to prevent Germany's defeat. (But he's probably right about George W. Bush preferring Wilhelm II to the present government; some American presidents tend to have a weakness for authoritarian leaders).

But the absolute "highlight" of his message is the slanderous comment about the Social Democratic Party (SPD) having given us the Nazis in 1933. During the 1920s the SPD certainly made mistakes, but it was nonetheless the only party that ultimately stood up for democracy (even parts of the Catholic Centre party fell for Hitler). Ultimately, the very same people who had run Wilhelmine Germany (Hindenburg and his ilk) delivered Germany into the hands of Hitler.

These stories about very low-flying aircraft strafing civilians were used by David Irving in his widely-published (first?) book about the bombing of Dresden. At least in the case of Dresden, these tales have been thoroughly debunked in recent years.

The Institute for Historical Review (not to be mistaken with the excellent International History Review edited by Edward Ingram at Simon Fraser University) consists of a bunch of very right-wing and biased pseudo-historians, and we should not even consider their viewpoints. What next?"

RH: What next? One never knows. I saw David Irving doing research at the Hoover Institution a few years ago. I wonder what happened to him.

Ronald Hilton - 1/30/03