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GERMANY: controversy over Jewish participation in the Russian revolution

Christopher Jones comments on the speech in in the German Bundestag by CDU deputy Martin Hohmann:

"The reaction to his words which I have underlined has been very negative, and immediately a spokesman for a Jewish organization went on the air to denounce Hohmann as an antisemite. For this person, Jews can never be called "perpetrators." Hohmann said in his speech that Germany's political elite was obsessed with atoning for the Holocaust.
He added: "With a certain justification, one could ask, in the light of the millions killed in the first phase of the [Russian] revolution, about the guilt of the Jews."

I am including access to The Guardian's article describing the nauseating self censorship in practice today. WAISers will notice that there is no reference to Aleksander Solzhenitsyn's new book. Proof of the special moral standard accorded them after 1945".

"German MP's remarks about Jewish 'dark side' prompt calls to resign",2763,1075588,00.html

Ronald Hilton - 11.07.03