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Germany: Re: Zarah Leander

More on Zarah Leander from Christopher Jones:

"Maybe David Pike hasn't heard, but there is a funny anecdote about Zarah's famous song which she belted out in her last movie. She sang "Ich weiss es wird ein Wunder gescheh'n und dann werden tausend MŠrchen wahr... " against a backdrop of rows and rows of beautiful ladies, all done up in the chic-est of Nazi Germany chic. Apparently, they couldn't find that amount of chic ladies for that particular day. So how did they solve the problem? Well, in Nazi Germany you called in the SS of course. And so, if you look closely at the ladies, you can recognize the burly soldiers of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, detailed for the job to the UFA studios at Babelsberg.

Zarah didn't really get along with the Nazi bigwigs. Although the FŸhrer thought she was wonderful, Goebbels was put off by her independent attitude, her love of aquavit and her insistence on being paid in Swedish Kroner (like that other big star, Hans Albers of Baron MŸnchausen fame.) He even once suggested she change her name because according to him, "Zarah" sounded too Jewish. (She refused and told him that first he should change his first name) She returned to Germany after the war and began a mild comeback but (like Lale Andersen of Lili Marlene fame,) she was still identified by the public as the voice of Nazi entertainment. She retired after making some judicious investments in a herring cannery back home in Sweden. But curiously, she remains quite popular even today".

When an American GI named Adolf Hitler was taunted, he said "Let the other guy change his name".

Ronald Hilton - 09.01.03