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GERMANY: Carpet and precision bombing

Cameron Sawyer said "The World Trade Center attack was an abomination. But the WTC attack would be no less of an abomination if the goal were more clearly noble (to us!) -- The means themselves are abominable. The same with Hirsoshima". Rob Gaudet comments: "This discussion reminds me of what Richard Reid said upon his recent sentencing. He said the USA deserved the World Trade Center and further destruction because it was responsible for the death of 2 million Iraqi children. The judge retorted that he was just a terrorist. I am not fully satisfied with either point of view. I suppose the real difference is that Reid acted without the legitimacy of a sovereign state (e.g. Saddam Hussein commits just as much evil but, since he's head of state and government, presumably he is not really a "terrorist") whereas the USA government was behind the economic sanctions and, of course, the sanctions were not targeted specifically at children. All of this analysis is very unsatisfactory".

RH: It certainly is difficult to sort out the rights and wrongs of a case.

Ronald Hilton - 2/1/03