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GERMANY: Dialects in Saxony...

Steve Jones writes::"A tourist book said that Leipzig had the "most Saxon" accent in Saxony, and that a native Leipziger, when using local pronunciation, would pronounce Leipzig as "Leiptsch". Is that so? Is a Dresden, Chemnitz, or Gorlitz accent not as severe? Are there perceived intra-regional differences and/or biases in Saxony? Would, for example, a speaker from Leipzig be marked in Dresden, or vice versa? Would urbanite Saxons be marked in the countryside, etc. Your insights are appreciated". RH: I know Saxony, which has a special accent, but I am not aware of differences within Saxony. I like to imagine famous Saxony figures, e.g. Bach, speaking with the local accent.

Ronald Hilton - 12/13/02