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GERMANY: Felix Graf von Luckner

Christopher Jones, writing from Germany, told us about "Felix Graf von Luckner, the Seeteufel. As the Kaiser's privateer, he commanded the Seeadler, a bark outfitted as the Kaiser's privateer which preyed on Allied shipping in WWI. He was very proud that he killed nobody and even saved the ship's cat. A monarchist, he was very anti Nazi and was hauled before court of honor by Hitler; he later escaped to Sweden. He has survived German collective amnesia (and no interest in history) as the man who could tear a telephone book in two with his bare hands". Aldo da Rosa comments: "One of my rare recollections of my childhood was a visit of Graf Luckner to our grammar school. I remember a stocky, short man, missing a finger and telling the most amazing adventure stories". RH: I assume this was in Brazil, whence Aldo hails.

Ronald Hilton - 1/10/03