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The German media

From Germany, Christopher Jones says: "Believe it or not, in theory I agree with Rob Gaudet. In a round about way, he managed put his finger directly onto the problem of the German media. The state run channels allow only selected opinions into their colored vision of Germany that have NO RELATION to the realities of German life. That is why the state run media has become useless -- it has become a loudspeaker for the German "political class" and totally ignores certain subjects out of political "correctness."

The talk show hosts are so overpaid that they have to curry favor with politicians of every political stripe and the result of course is -- boredom, platitudes and frustration.

It has a little to do with Arnulf Baring's article in the FAZ. The country lives from Taboo to Taboo. If you have something to say about this or that you are either a "rechtsradikal" or a so called "zŁndler." ( In other words a bogeyman, not politically correct. ) TV is as powerful as the A Bomb. In the words of Edward R Murrow, it can educate and even inspire. But Ed was right, in the wrong hands it's just lights and wires in a box".

Ronald Hilton - 12/7/02