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GERMANY: Hitler, the Holocaust, Antisemitism

John Wonder makes odious comparisons between odious ahppenings:

"Why should Jewish organizations have so much political and media clout? I participated in the liberation of one or two concentration camps in Germany, and the gruesomness of those places is absolutely undeniable.However, that said, why haven't the Armenians, for example, tried to keep alive the guilt and bestiality of the Turks? If we examined history carefully, we might find frightful Jewish deeds also." also.

My comment: All nations and groups have sinned, so it is unfair to single out one of the victims of man's inhumanity toward man. As for the Armenians, they try hard to keep the memory of their sufferings alive, but the Turks simply deny or deflect the charges, and Western countries are frightened of alienating Turkey. I suppose there is an Armenian lobby in Washington, but I never hear of it.

Ronald Hilton - 7/10/00