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GERMANY: Hitler, the Holocaust, Antisemitism

Rick Geddes defends his objection to the singling out of the Nazi holocaust for singular condemnation:

"The notable thing about the Chinese Communist holocaust is how recently it occurred. Quoting from the accepted expert on the "body count"from the 20th Century, Prof. R.J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii in "Death by Government", Transaction Publishers 1997, p. 98: "Indeed, from October 1949 to 1987, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)probably killed more than 35,200,000 of its own subjects. These were "landlords" and "rich" peasants, "counterrevolutionaries" and "bandits," "leftists," "rightists," and "capitalist roaders," "bourgeoisie" scientists, intellectuals, and scholars, Kuomintang "agents" and Western "spies," "wrong" and "bad" elements, and often loved ones, relatives and friends. Even babies."

Certainly many of the perpetrators of this horrible genocide are still alive. Perhaps it is time for an international tribunal, like Nuremberg, to bring these crimes to light, and to jail the offenders. Many of the Russian murderers are dying quietly in their beds. In my view, the only reason that some think Hitler was uniquely horrible is because the West has failed, for political reasons, to bring the crimes of these other regimes to international attention."

My comment: All these comments omit one essential fact: Germany lost World War II, the Soviet Union and China won. Vae Victis!

Ronald Hilton - 7/12/00