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GERMANY: Hitler, the Holocaust, Antisemitism. PLUS ANTI ISLAM!

Fay Afaf Kanafani has added to the title of my posting. Here is the opening part of her statement:

"As an Arab woman: Lebanese/Palestinian one, I am grateful WAISers have finally allowed themselves to dig out wounds like that of Nazi/Russians/Chinese/African/etc..Plus the poorly covered 50-year-old Israeli one. WAISers now have Arabs and Arab/Americans among them."

My comment: WAIS is a free forum of informed people. We are most willing to hear the Islamic side of a debate, but all religious groups must be prepared for criticism, even though such criticism is taboo in our politically-correct society. Certainly Palestinians can tell stories, similar to Jewish ones, about suffering, and their suffering is even more recent.

Ronald Hilton - 7/13/00