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GERMANY: Hitler, the Holocaust, Antisemitism

Christian Leitz, who now teaches history at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, is a native of Germany. He writes:

"I sharply reject having David Irving described as a "respected scholar". After all he has done, said and written over recent years on, in particular, the Holocaust, he is certainly not due any respect at all. All the respect he gets nowadays is from extreme right-wing organisations and individuals in Germany and elsewhere; they use both his verbal and written pronouncements as ammunition for their despicable actions. Remember also that Irving soundly lost his court case and that his theses have thus not only been rejected by historians, but also in a court of law."

My comment: Many British historians, who write without the passion of involved Germans, recognized his foibles but generally respected him, according to the reviews I have read. Even in Germany there are respected historians (Nolte?) who take a more complex view of the Holocaust, to the annoyance of others.

Ronald Hilton - 7/16/00