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Nazi Germany: The Jews, Mathematics and Business

     Helen Solanum says: "Most of my family perished in Nazi Germany or Nazi run camps in Eastern Europe. They did not "get into trouble" because of their "Jewish skill in banking" [they were mostly tailors and cobblers], they perished simply because they were born Jews."
     Of course. The Polish teacher whose fate I lamented had nothing to do with banking. It was Nazi propaganda that singled out international Jewish bankers and used them to blame all Jews. This, alas, is a common phenomenon. ETA represents a minority of Basques, but under Franco all Basques suffered. Edith Coliver as forwarded to me a long and encouraging article from the Jerusalem Post on Jewish-Catholic reconciliation. Problems remain. It is incredible that the Orthodox Church should be so reluctant to embrace the Roman one in Christian fellowship. The hardest nut to crack will be Islam. Hence the need for utmost care in dealing with it.

Ronald Hilton - 1/17/00