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2000. A Depressing New Year's Day. Berlin.

     Many WAISers have sent millennium greetings to WAISdom. Here is that from Miles Seeley, which raises an important point:
     And a Very Happy New Millennium Year to all WAISers. We are celebrating at home, of course, letting the amateur drinkers have their fill and drive and get in wrecks. We have been playing some Mozart and Wagner today. Let the youth have their rock and rap, and let us hope they will grow up to be more responsible than we have been.
     That our (the world's) generation has lacked responsibility is undeniable. Looking at the crowds around the world, it was clear that most of them were young. Yet this is the first time that the deep meaning of these Christmas to Epiphany festivities has been almost completely forgotten seems to me a bad sign. I am seriously afraid that our whole civilization will collapse, but my fear may be no more justified than Miles' hope.

Ronald Hilton - 1/1/00